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We are excited to announce the Raising Young Children in Wake County podcast, brought to you by the Project Enlightenment Foundation. This podcast series is hosted by Dr. Emily King, child psychologist, former parent of a child in Project’s Demonstration Preschool, and current Project Enlightenment Foundation Board Member. The goal of this podcast is to expand services to the young children of Wake County through parent education. 

In this 10-episode podcast series, we will include interviews with experts in early childhood education, psychology, and pediatrics to discuss topics including the importance of play, managing toddler behavior, language and motor development, Kindergarten readiness, how to set up routines, and parent mental wellness. 

Thank you to our local sponsors for their generous contribution that made this podcast happen: K&L Gates, Empire Gives Back Foundation and Empire Eats, as well as BHDP Architecture.

 This podcast is edited

 and produced by Earfluence.


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