​                                    ​

Generate a return on investment to society ranging from $1.80 to $17.07 for each dollar spent

Raise the quality of the workforce and increase earnings

Decrease dependency on welfare

Reduce teenage pregnancy

Decrease delinquency and crime

Decrease the need for special education

Increase academic achievement and positive behavior

Reviews of research by the Rand Corporation, the Pew Charitable Foundation and Nobel Prize winning economist James Heckman demonstrate that early childhood intervention programs:

Studies show that early intervention programs- like Project Enlightenment- have a lasting impact on a child's future success. Research on brain development has shown that a child's early experiences provide either a strong or weak foundation for all future learning, behavior and health. (A Science-Based Framework for Early Childhood Policy, www.developingchild.harvard.edu).

Our Impact

The Project Enlightenment Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) charitable entity governed by a volunteer, community based Board of Directors. It was established in 2006 to secure funding to expand services to meet the increasing need for prevention and intervention services for young, at-risk children and to provide high quality training and consultation services for teachers, childcare providers, and parents.

Our History

The Project Enlightenment Foundation's mission is to strengthen and expand the services of Project Enlightenment, an early childhood program that promotes school success for Wake County's young children by educating children, teachers and parents.

our Mission