Ashley Cooper

The 4th Annual Enlightenment Speaker Series Presents

Name It to Tame It: Helping Children

Handle Strong Feelings

Featuring Dr. Emily W. King, Kelli Rushing, Ashley Cooper, and Rachel Frasier.

Join us to learn more about:

  • The importance of social-emotional development
  • The neurological basis of your child’s emotional states
  • Steps to take when helping your child self-regulate
  • How to set up a safe and calming space for your child

The 2020 Enlightenment Speaker event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.   All tickets have been refunded.  The purchaser should have received a refund receipt on 3/25/20.   If there are any concerns about refunds or questions, email Suzanne Vining at   

Currently, we are not planning to reschedule this event.   Perhaps we will see these great speakers at the 2021 event!

Kelli Rushing

Rachel Frasier

Dr. Peggy Hibbert

The Peggy Hibbert Enlightenment Speaker Series is a series of educational events created in honor of Dr. Peggy Hibbert. Peggy Hibbert was devoted to the mission of supporting families with young children. Her passion for early education and early intervention is reflected in her many years of involvement at Project Enlightenment as a parent, a doctoral student intern, and eventually as the staff coordinator of the Demonstration Preschool. Her vision and willingness to step forward as the first volunteer President led to the creation of the Project Enlightenment Foundation. She helped establish the first Board of Directors for the Foundation and set forth the goals and mission of the Foundation. Donations made in her memory help us continue her mission of education through the Peggy Hibbert Enlightenment Speaker Series.  

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