Gifts to the Project Enlightenment Foundation directly the programs and services offered by Project Enlightenment. Below are a few examples of programs we have been able to support in prior years:

  • Provide funds for the Parent Teacher Resource Center (PTRC) to remain open in summer hours.  Over 700 parents/educators and 400 children utilized the PTRC over the summer months in 2016!
  • An additional 90+ screenings were able to be provided
  • Peggy's Corner was established which serves as a quiet corner in the PTRC for children and their parents to spend time together and read together
  • Project Palooza was created and is a fun family friendly event. In the fall over 300 parents and children attend annually for a day of education, arts and crafts, music and games. Save the Date - Palooza 2018 is scheduled for September 22, 2018!
  • The Peggy Hibbert Enlightenment Series was launched in 2017. This educational series open to the public was created in honor of Peggy Hibbert and her service to  both Project Enlightenment and the Foundation. Dr. Betty Rintoul will be the featured speaker for our April 26, 2018 event! Tickets will be on sale in early 2018.

​     Through your continued support of the Foundation, we are looking to expand our gift to

      Project Enlightenment to include funding:

  • Demonstration Preschool scholarship
  • Additional parent workshops

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The Project Enlightenment Foundation is a volunteer non-profit organization.  Our mission is to strengthen and expand the services of Project Enlightenment, an early childhood program that promotes school success for Wake County's young children by educating children, teachers and parents.

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Email:   Phone: 919-335-6647

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Annual Giving Campaign - Happening Now!

Enlightenment Series - April 26, 2018

Project Palooza - September 22, 2018